Thursday 31 July 2014

A heart-shaped fluke?

I've crossed my heart.

Exactly 1 year 5 months 17 days, it happened, and what left me more dumbstruck then was,  it was Valentine's.
At 10 am, I settled in for my morning coffee, and as customary, my companions, my birdies, gathered around. Inadvertently, with their mischief, a small spill occurred on the ground, and to my astonishment, it took the shape of a heart. I realised I should document it, so I went to fetch my phone, but my phone was shut. I grabbed a piece of cloth and blotted the coffee: translated on the cloth, just as it was spilled and I could photograph it.

But, what happened next will be etched in my memory forever.  On the same day while returning home from college, we were walking on the bridge and it was raining and I was narrating the morning incident – my heart-shaped discovery. Her reaction was – So what? It's normal. She later confessed she didn't believe me then (she thinks I am overdramatic and my every reaction is dramatic [-_-]).  Not more than 30 seconds later, my right foot got stuck in a puddle on the bridge, under the lamp light, and the puddle was heart-shaped! I screamed there, oblivious of where we were. That was only when she started believing me. My blabbering had started making some sense to her.

A series of stumbling upon them continued, ranging from finding a heart shape on a plum to developing heart shapes on my stationery. Those rubber bands tangled as heart-shaped have been the most occurred instances. I kept wondering why this was happening – the more I wondered, the more occurrences happened.

Till a point I ignored them and believed they were accidental. What was most magical was that, whenever I spilled water or something with no intention of finding a heart shape, it turned into one only to remind me I was wrong. I tried to capture each of these symbols because I believe in them. I do for some inexplicable reason.

I believe in them as signs from the universe, trying to tell me something and guide me through. But what?!

Maybe not, maybe it's all in my head.

I lost most of those pictures due to the disk damage. As if all these happening weren't enough: last month I went on a hike with an intention of experiencing peace and silence at the top of the hill.
On my way down, I serendipitously found this!

A heart-shaped stone. I had to take a picture of it first before picking it up.

I picked it up, wrapped it in a tissue paper and slipped it in my backpack.

And then today, I was lazily looking at the glitter polish left behind. A clear coat over my thumb took a heart shape, and its so minute. I'm wonderstruck how did I even spot it. That's another story.
I stressed my brain to try and link things, whether I did something, carved or not. Because this is phenomenal.

No point in denying that it's not heart-shaped.

My parents think I'm crazy. My sister thinks I'm stupid and T says it's nothing.

I'm on and off believing these signs. I'm at my wits end, trying to figure out what it means.
But I think it has more wisdom to it than it appears, since it didn't stop even then. These kept appearing. Over me, around me, all around me.

Some might think it's foolish, some might believe it's crazy.
I secretly believe it's whimsical.

And I believe, some days or years from now on, I will know why.

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